Golfing on a Budget


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Throughout my blog, I have talked about golf quite a bit, as it is a passion of mine. And I understand this may not be for everyone, but why not? Some people have no interest in golf, which I respect. But some people do enjoy golf, but just can’t afford it. This was my situation my freshman year of college, and I learned some ways around the expenses that come with golf. Here is how I did it!

First, buy used golf clubs! Whether it be through a friend, Craigslist, or any other means, golf clubs are not as expensive as everyone says. The best way, in my opinion, to get cheap golf clubs is to ask any of your golfer friends if they have any spare clubs. More experienced golfers go through a bunch of different sets of clubs on their way from beginner to advanced, and many have sets of clubs lying around (I know I do). Once a golfer gets a new set of clubs, they really don’t have any need for their old set, so are generally willing to part with it for little to no cost.

Now that you have your clubs, it’s time to hit the range for some practice. While this seems like it would be fairly cheap, a large bucket of range balls can cost anywhere from $5-$10. And if you really want to get better at golf, you will be hitting tons of buckets! The best way around this cost is to look at your local courses’ websites and find punch cards. These punch cards vary in prices, but are usually good for 10 to 20 buckets of balls. The benefit of these punch cards is that they average out to generally about half the price of how much that quantity of range buckets would cost! There is also another benefit; you have now already invested in range balls, and have to use the card, which will help you improve your game!

Finally, let’s get to green fees. Based on your local courses, green fees have a wide range. Some courses are cheaper than others, but this generally means they are not as good quality. I have three recommendations when it comes to green fees;

  1. If you are new to golf, play 9 hole, par 3 courses. These courses are much cheaper than 18 hole courses, and still give you the experience of full swings, chipping, and putting.
  2. If possible, golf in the afternoon, as “Twilight” tee times cost much less than morning times. Most golfers like to play in the morning, so almost all golf courses lower their afternoon prices in order to generate more traffic. I almost exclusively play in the afternoon, as it allows me to play much better courses for the price of cheaper courses.
  3. Download the GolfNow app. There are plenty of discount websites for golf, but I have found that GolfNow has the most courses with the most tee times. Before you ever play a round, check GolfNow for their prices, as it is almost always lower than the course offers.

The above steps help me golf cheaper, and I hope they help you too!

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