How to Not to Procrastinate


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There’s no avoiding it, there’s always going to be something you don’t want to do, but have to. Whether this activity be homework, house cleaning, yard work, or any other undesirable task on this list, you will have to face the fact that it has to be done. Many people are able to gather up the motivation and get the task done ahead of time. I am not one of those people. I tend to put off homework until the last minute, clean the house just before guests arrive, and put off any other responsibilities until they absolutely need to be done. While I have gotten away with this strategy numerous times, generally the end product isn’t my best work. Here are my tips for avoiding the last minute work.

The first step to complete tasks ahead of time is to set up a reward for yourself. For example, I was recently assigned a project for a class, which I had no interest in completing. However, I really wanted to go golfing on the weekend, so I knew I had to complete the project before then so I could golf. In this situation, I made golfing the reward, and I would not be able to do something I wanted unless I first finished the undesirable task.

The second step I try to follow is to follow a schedule. I have not been too successful at this, but if you are able to establish a calendar that you follow, you will learn to schedule in time for activities you don’t want to do, but still need to. Plus, you can always combine the first step listed above and bookend your task with fun activities you look forward to.

Third, as I mentioned in my previous blog, making a habit out of completing a task well before it needs to be done is the only way to kick the procrastination bug. Following those tips will help you form a habit of avoiding procrastination. If you practice not procrastinating, the urge to do so will slowly begin to fade.

I still struggle with procrastination all the time, especially finding motivation to get started. The step I listed above have helped me find that motivation, and hopefully they do for you too!

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