Hitting a Draw


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If you can hit a golf ball straight, I m very jealous. Throughout my golf career, I have changed my swing a couple times. As a beginner, I hit a pretty severe cut, as many golfers do. But as I continued to practice and improve, I was able to adjust my swing to hit a draw. However, in the past month, I have started to hit cuts again. While many golfers prefer draws to cuts, it really depends on the golfer which is better for you. In this blog, I will outline how to hit a draw.

Disclaimer: As a right handed golfer, all of my advise will be for right handed golfers. Left handed golfers will need to flip things around.

Before getting into my advise, I want to address two common misconceptions in golf. First, cuts are not bad. While cuts do lose a little distance in the roll, it is generally better to have less roll when approaching a green. This will help you stop a ball quicker on the green, rather than roll through. The second common misconception for people trying to change their cut into a draw; the hands do very little.

I have seen it many times in average golfers; rather than adjust their swing for their slice, they close the club face on approach. However, the position of the hands does not affect ball path!


Now, to the draw. The curvature of the golf shot is affected only by the swing plane. The only “little victory” I can give you in terms of hitting a draw is to have an inside-out swing plane. This simply means, when you make contact with the ball, your hands must still be pushing away from your body. If you swing around your body too much and turn on the ball, you will, without fail, hit a cut.

There are two solutions to achieve an in-to-out swing. First, get the back swing behind you. This will ensure you need to reach out to the ball to make contact. Second, imagine your target is out to the right farther than it really is. This will help you swing outside, resulting in a draw.

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