Golfing in the Rain


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Being a golfer in Reno, Nevada means dealing with the weather. On any given day it could snow, then get sunny, then begin gusting wind. On days when it rains or snows, many people (including myself) try not to golf. I always check the forecast before playing, but if it says something like “drizzling rain?” Count me in. My experience, as well as some research I have done in the past, have helped me to better deal with the rain, and I hope these little tips can help you as well. Following each of these individual tips should combine to help you hit successful shots in the rain.

The most important tip I can give about golfing in the rain; the ground is soft, DO NOT HIT THE BALL FAT!

I cannot stress this fact enough. When it rains, the ground is much softer than normal, and it is much easier to dig into the ground on your swings. Any shot that would be just a little fat in normal conditions will be a straight duff in the rain. The best way to compensate for this? Grip lower on the shaft. This not only shortens the club (making it harder to hit fat), but also encourages an easier swing. If you plan on swinging 110%, you better plan on making perfect contact, otherwise you will probably dig up a huge patch of grass.

The other main point I want to make about golfing in the rain is that, while it may seem like the rain knocks your ball down, it really doesn’t. Now, I’m not talking about a downpour here, but in drizzling rain, your distance really won’t be affected. Intuitively, rain coming down on the golf ball may seem like it will push the ball down, but the simple velocity and rotation of the ball prevents rain from making direct contact with the ball. Be weary of hitting onto greens with puddles, and be aware that your ball may skip a little further in the fairway if you hit a low shot, but DO NOT club up.

If you follow the couple tips I mentioned above, you should have more success golfing in the rain. Check out these tips as well for a better understanding of how the rain affects your game. By completing each step, you should see that your shots yield better results. As always, follow me on twitter at @zacharypwalsh and subscribe to my blog (click the pull down menu on the upper right corner of the page, then click subscribe) to stay up to date with my latest posts on how the little things add up to make something great.



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