Tesla Model 3


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Tesla could revolutionize the automobile industry. While electric cars have always seemed more of a niche market, Tesla has made strides to eliminate that stereotype. The announcement of the Tesla Model 3 made this even more likely. The car will sell for an affordable $35,000, and has 400,000 reservations. Some people are excited about the idea of an electric car itself, but what components have customers flocking to Tesla. Below I have outlined three little steps Tesla took to make the Model 3 great.

First, the Tesla Model 3 is going to be one of the best performing cars in the market. With 0-60 speed of under 4 seconds, the Model 3 will be one of the fastest cars available, and rivals much more expensive sports cars. While the electric battery will help drivers save on gas and save the environment, the speed will bring in a whole different customer, centered around performance.

Second, the Model 3 received the best safety rating of any car on the market. While many car companies brag that their cars received 5 star crash test ratings, this is not entirely true. Cars are measured in many different categories for safety, and an overall 5 star rating does not mean the car reached 5 stars in each category. However, the Model 3 has met that feat. The innovative battery pack runs along the bottom of the car, eliminating a lot of the weight in the front of the vehicle. What does this mean? In a head on collision, there is no massive motor distributing pressure into the cabin. Instead, there is more empty space to absorb the shock and help protect the driver. There are many other safety features that make the Model 3 the safest car on the market.

Finally, Tesla is working on establishing the infrastructure needed for the Model 3 to scale. With a 215 mile range, many people have concern about the functionality of the car. Tesla has eased this concern by announcing a plan to double the number of supercharging stations in the country, while also adding more retail/repair stores. Since Tesla’s are so different from gas cars, normal repair shops will not be able to fix any problems that arise, so this dedication to more Tesla repair shops is a big deal. There are many challenges Tesla faces trying to break into the car market, but they are taking the necessary steps to become a major player in the industry.

Tesla is taking over the automobile industry, and the success of the Model 3 is the first major signal that they can succeed. The little steps Tesla has taken to produce the first sustainable electric car has become evident in the final product. Look for Tesla to continue on this path, and change the automobile industry forever.

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