Making a habit


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Throughout my blogs, I have covered many different topics from all different interests I have. Golf is a passion of mine, as well as getting in shape. And while the steps I have discussed so far are important, the only way I can actually achieve the goals I have set for myself is through building habits. For example, in my previous blog post about putting, I outlined the steps I take to making short putts. And while these steps are great, it takes constant practice of good habits to succeed. In this post, I will discuss the steps to building a habit.

First, the easiest way to form a habit is to establish a trigger. This means that every time you do something that you do every day (like showering or brushing your teeth) you do something else after. For example, one habit I have built is after I shower I weigh myself. This is not a difficult task, but it leads to other habits. As I outlined in my Doing the Diet blog, keeping track of my weight really helps me stay on track. If I didn’t weigh myself after every shower, I probably wouldn’t weigh myself daily, which is very beneficial for my health.

The second step I use to form habits is setting goals. By setting clear, reachable goals, it is easy to always see the finish line. Habits are difficult to establish, and it becomes even harder if you don’t know what your’e trying to achieve, or why your’e trying to achieve it. It may seem hard to motivate yourself, but if you know what you want and why you want it, it gets a little easier.

Finally, the last step I take towards establishing a habit is to make myself accountable to others. When you have a goal, it is crucial to share it with friends and family, as not only will they support you, but you have also now made yourself accountable to them. Without realizing it, you have now put pressure on yourself. If you fail, it is now a much bigger deal, as others will know you failed. If you tell someone else your goals, you now have even more incentive to succeed, as it will impress others and show them what you are capable of.

Habits are what yield results. Without forming habits, you will always have difficulty keeping up with your goals. Hopefully these steps will help you form your own habits!

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