Why the steps matter


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So far through my blog posts, I have discussed the little victories that equate to achieving your goals. But why are these little steps important? Why can’t you just dream big and reach your goals? The simpler answer: if it’s easy, it wasn’t an ambitious goal. Sure, setting goals is good, but if you set goals that you can easily achieve with no effort, you won’t grow through the process. If you dream big and push yourself to your limits, you may not reach your goals, but you will establish habits and learn about yourself along the way.

For example, let’s take a look at one of my previous blogs, Finding a Job Out of College. While the end goal, finding a job, is what you want to achieve, it is very unlikely you will reach this goal without setting sub-goals. If you put all your attention on the end result, you will overlook crucial steps. Instead of focusing on the finish line, the focus should be put on each variable that can help get you there. In this example, if you write the best resume you can, you will have an advantage over other candidates in that category. If you also focus on gaining contacts, you will meet new people who will help you. If you practice your interviewing skills, you will probably have a better interview when that time comes. Putting the emphasis on each step, rather than the end goal, helps you along the way.

In summary, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Success isn’t going to jump into your lap, you’re going to have to go out and work for it. Simply wanting something gets you nowhere, but if you set a clear goal and focus on each step towards that goal, you have a great shot of achieving said goal.

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