Doing the Diet


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A while back I wrote about how I was getting back into shape. While I did lose around 15 pounds, I have already began to relapse. I shed off the easy weight, and now I am having a much more difficult time getting in shape. If you have ever hit this wall, check out some more little tips that can lead to getting in shape.

First, sunflower seeds have changed my life. I currently work part time (generally 12-5), and had this routine; wake up and eat breakfast. Then eat a snack before work, and eat lunch around 4 (usually junk food from the Joe’s food court). After that I go to class, and then go home and have dinner around 10 before bed. I found in this routine, I was consuming around 2,800 calories per day. Then, I started eating sunflower seeds, specifically at work. Now, I eat breakfast, then head to work. At work, I usually eat around a bag of seeds, around 400 calories, which holds me over until after class. Then I eat dinner when I get home. This has allowed me to cut almost 1,000 calories daily on average!

Second, as I also blogged about, I got a puppy. Obviously, this wasn’t a fix to stay in shape, but it led me to something that really has helped me, which is walking. I never thought of walking as exercise before, and would generally get my exercise through going to the gym each day. But since I got my puppy I take him for walks all the time. And it isn’t the calories burned from the walk that have the biggest impact, but the fresh air and exposure to the outdoors motivate me to do more. These walks (mostly in the morning), get me off to a great start each day, and help me think more about my health.

Finally, I try to weigh myself every day. This activity doesn’t help me actually lose weight, but gets me in the right mindset. When I am following my routine and making the right choices, I can see the little results every single day. But when I fall off track, I can see the results of this as well. When I was weighing myself on a weekly basis (or close to that), I made compromises internally. I would think, it’s not a big deal if I eat this hamburger, it’ll get balanced out throughout the week and I will still lose weight. But this daily weighing systems helps hold me accountable, and the guilt associated with slipping up has helped me not to slip up.

If you hit the metaphorical wall trying to lose weight, try eating sunflower seeds. They are low calorie, fill you up, and keep you energized throughout the day. I replace a meal with them, but they also help when you need a little snack. Walking is a nice way to get some fresh air and get yourself in the right mentality, and daily weigh in help keep you accountable. I hope these three steps can help you like they’ve helped me!

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