Taylormade AeroBurner Design

Taylormade Aeroburner

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More professional golfers have a Taylormade driver in their bag than any other brand. Why is this? Taylormade has established itself as a reliable producer of drivers, consistently putting out new models that optimize distance and control. I currently have a Taylormade Aeroburner driver in my bag, and absolutely love it. So what makes the Aeroburner elite? Continue reading below to find out!

The Aeroburner driver was releases in 2015, replacing the SLDR driver. The biggest innovation of the Aeroburner is the Speed Channel running from the heel of the club to the toe. This speed pocket helps the club to be more aerodynamic, increasing swing speed, while also leading to more forgiveness for off-center hits. One of my favorite aspects of the Aeroburner is that it is not adjustable. I have owner multiple adjustable drivers in the past, including other Taylormade drivers, and I have always found this feature is more trouble than it’s worth. I have broken the hosel of one of these drivers and knocked loose a screw in another. The Aeroburner is a very workable driver, and eliminates the need to play with settings on other drivers. I hit a draw naturally, but have no problem cutting this driver. Overall, the Aeroburner driver doesn’t have flashy features, but I have found it to be very durable and reliable.

One of the greatest challenges, for any Taylormade driver, is separating itself from other drivers. The biggest reason I chose the Aeroburner was the Taylormade brand recognition. In my experience, generally every top notch driver is almost the same. I hit multiple drivers before buying the Aeroburner, and all flew about the same distance (+/- 10 yards) and had generally the same directional precision. However, I have liked almost every Taylormade driver I have owned, and chose the Aeroburner because of this. Because of the similarity of drivers, differentiation is very difficult to achieve. As I mentioned above, the Aeroburner has a Speed Pocket. This makes the driver unique compared to most other drivers, but all drivers are unique somehow. For example, the new Nike Vapor driver has a large channel in the back of the club to make it different from other drivers. Because of the differentiation problem, most golfers buy drivers for their brand, or hit multiple drivers and pick the one they hit the best.

For me, the Aeroburner met both of the above criteria, and I haven’t looked back. Taylormade has always been my choice for drivers (and the rest of my clubs actually), and has given me no reason to change. As new models come out, I will always check them out, but at this point, my Aeroburner still yields better results than Taylormade’s newest models (the R15 and M1). Taylormade has always reached it’s goals, identifying little aspects of their clubs that they can improve upon, and putting all these little changes together to make great drivers. To learn more about the little goals and victories click the “Follow” button to the right to subscribe to my blog or follow me on twitter at@zacharypwalsh.



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