Golf Review 3/10 Lakeridge Golf Course


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Earlier today I went golfing at Lakeridge Gold Course here in Reno. It was a miserably windy day, but me and a couple friends still decided to play. Below I have outlined some of the best holes on the course, as well as some of the holes I played well/poorly. Enjoy! (Here is the scorecard of Lakeridge for you to check out before reading the article: Lakeridge Scorecard)

“Hole 1”

After arriving at Lakeridge, the first thing a golfer notices are the amazing facilities. Lakeridge is set up as a community, with a pro shop in it’s own building, a restaurant across the cart path, and a full bar inside. I have played this course before, so I was aware of where everything was, which was very helpful, as we arrived late. We did not have time to warm up, so it was straight off to the first tee. The first hole is a slight dogleg par 4, with bunkers in play about 200 yards from the tee box. The wind was gusting from the right to left, which had little impact on this hole. After evaluating the hole, I knew the little steps I needed to take.

“1. Hit the fairway.”

The first hole is a fairly short, easy hole, but there are some hazards around 250-275 yards away, so it is important to hit a nice easy iron shot into the wide fairway. I had my plan, but the execution was terrible. We didn’t have the chance to warm up, and I ended up overplaying the wind and hitting the ball into a small creek left of the fairway. Goal 1: Fail.

“2. Hit over the tree and onto the green,”

I was forced to take a drop after my first shot, which left me right behind a 10-15 foot tree. I had a little space to work with, and the green was only 75 yards out, so I knew I should be able to clear the tree without much difficulty. I leaned the club back a little extra for insurance, and ended up hitting a nice high ball-flight that ended up about 15 feet away from the flag stick on the green. Goal 2: Success!

“3. 2 putt for bogey”

As I mentioned before, we had no time to practice before playing and the wind was gusting. On top of this, I had a tricky downhill putt from about 15 feet. I decided, rather than attack the hole, to try to lag my putt close and tap in for par. After reading the green, adjusting slightly for wind, I hit my putt 6 or 7 feet past the hole. The greens were much faster than I anticipated! But I made the next putt, and still made the bogey. After my poor drive, I was happy to start off my round with a bogey!

“Hole 7”

Following the first hole, I played the next 5 holes fairly poorly, with a couple good shots mixed in. This brought us to hole #7, the first hole yet we had the wind to our backs. Hole 7 is a straightforward par 4 with a very tricky green. It is a easy hole (theoretically), especially with the wind behind us. So I made my first goal;

“1. Keep the ball in play”

While hitting the fairway is the obvious goal here, this hole really doesn’t require it. I generally hit my drives around 300 yards, which would only leave me about 75 yards left, so even hitting my second shot out of the rough shouldn’t be a problem. The only problem is, hole 7 is pretty skinny, so keeping the ball in play is crucial. I hit my drive really well on this hole, but pushed it a little to the right. I ended up in the rough (again behind a tree), but with a decent shot at the green. Goal 1: Success.

“2. Hit the green”

After my drive, I was left with about 60 yards to the green, hitting out of a the rough, but with a good lie, but behind a tree. This tree was much more in the way than the first, and I knew I would really need to get my ball high quick to avoid it. I lined up for a flop shot, and took almost a full swing at the ball. At first, the shot looked great. It easily flew the tree, and was headed right towards the flag, and I thought the wind would help push it to the green. I was wrong. My ball landed about 5 yards short of the back level of the green in the rough. Goal 2: Fail.

“3. Get up and down for par”

I left myself with an easy chip. All I needed to do was get the ball to land on the front edge of the green and it would roll up near the hole, giving me a tap in par. But I chunked the chip, hitting it 3 yards, well short of the green. Goal 3: Huge Failure.

I ended up shipping close on the next shot and making the putt for bogey, which was a huge disappointment after my first two shots.

That’s how golf goes though, you can have the best plan in your head, but execution is everything. Check out my next blog, Lakeridge Hole 15, for more on Lakeridge Golf Course. And to learn more about the little goals and victories click the “Follow” button to the right to subscribe to my blog or follow me on twitter at@zacharypwalsh.



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