Finding a Job out of College

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Every year hundreds of thousands of students graduate from college. Many of these students have jobs lined up, or are able to easily turn their college experience into a well paying, fulfilling career. However, for every student who instantly reaches their professional goals, there a many who do not. Whether students have difficulty finding a job they have no passion for, or cannot find a job at all, post-college life can be difficult. Personally, I am one of these students. Everything did not fall into place for me after I graduated from my undergrad, and I am still working on finding my path.

Many of my fellow graduates have struggled to find fulfilling jobs as well. And this challenge seems daunting for job seekers. But, this problems really isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Similar to another blog I have written, this is a prime example of how little victories can lead to an ultimate goal.

The end goal; find a fulfilling job, is a very difficult challenge. However, when this difficult goal is broken up, it seems much more achievable. I realized in my job search that instead of trying to find a job, I should focus on setting myself up to be the best candidate I can be. This begins with demonstrating skills, whatever these skills may be. Whether these skills be listed on a resume, or in references, obtaining skills relevant to your career is vital to finding a job. Recruiters don’t want to hire someone who has no experience in their line of work, so demonstrating this value is crucial. It is not difficult to practice and master skills that will improve your compatibility with a company, but it is an achievable goal that can help you reach your ultimate goal.

Secondly, I have found it is important to gain industry contacts. Companies feel much more comfortable hiring someone who they know, even if this person may not be the best candidate. Personally, I have been hired for two jobs where there were other candidates who were more qualified. However, I had built a relationship with the company, which gave me the upper hand. It is very important to reach out to companies you are interested in, even just to better understand their goals. Reaching out to professionals in the industry is not difficult, but also will help you gain contacts to reach your ultimate goal.

Similar to other challenges you may face, finding a job may seem impossible. I am currently facing this issue, and I understand the stress and uncertainty this problem brings. But focusing on the simple. reachable goals helps eliminate the mindset that my goal is too difficult to achieve. Instead of making finding a job the ultimate goal, goals such as gain industry connections and mastering relevant skills will lead to that final goal.

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